Musings of a Middle Aged Mad Man™


The world is a crazy place, and seemingly getting more and more so every day. These are my observations. Saying it here beats paying for psycho-analysis. Let's just say that this is my place to opine on the comings and goings in our world. Well, your world would be more accurate.

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What the heck is happening with men's dress shirt these days? All of a sudden the pockets have started disappearing. I bought three shirts the other day and everyone one of them went back. I'm sure pocket-less dress shirts are a great idea - for the shirt manufacturers - but not for the shirt wearers. What are you supposed to do, walk around the office holding your pen and glasses? This is a really dumb idea. If we purchase these stupid shirts, we're basically saying 'we give up'. The shirt manufacturers will have a great laugh at how they were able to save $4 a shirt while charging the same, or maybe even more, for an inferior product. Come on guys, we don't have to take this nonsense. Just take them back to the store. Pocket that Jack.

What's up with birthday cards? My 13 year old son is going to a birthday party. My wife, bless her heart, goes out and buys him a card to give to the birthday boy. "Don't forget to sign it" she says. My son is like "why do I have to give him this"? My wife says something about that's the way it's done. I'm thinking that my son is actually on to something here. Why spend $5 on a card that says "happy birthday" when you can just say "happy birthday". I mean, it's not like we own stock in Hallmark, or he's sending this card four states away. I'm starting to think that we need to let the kids work out their own culture a bit more. Perhaps they'll do it better than we did. Ok, enough on this. Valentine's day is fast approaching and I need to get a card.

Today's music is terrible. Or maybe it's what they play it on today. Either way it sucks by comparison. I have an old school H/K 990 two channel system that pumps music out through a pair of passive Polk 10 speakers. Yes, this is old school, but it's not prehistoric. I actually digitized my music, and pass it from my laptop computer (thanks Linux) through a $300 DAC to those glorious old school speakers. The sound is phenomenal, and the price tag is pretty low. The Band, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Led Zeppelin, Three Dog Night, Phil Collins, Jim Croce, the Doors. Forget about it, our music was, and is, incredible. Now, compare that to today's music played through headphones (because, hey, they don't own speakers any more dude) powered by the modern AV 5 or 7 channel receiver, and you have the ingredients for some really bad music. Not to mention premature hearing loss. Just sayin'.

Star Wars - the Force Awakens. A, no. It didn't actually awaken. It more or less did a hrumpf in it's sleep and rolled over, snoring. Look, it was an OK movie, but really JJ? You couldn't take a chance on maybe introducing a new story line? No, you just played it safe and re-spun the original story for fear of offending the Star Wars generation, most of which were not even born when the original came out in 1977. My teenage kids loved it, and at first I'm incredulous, and then I re-think that. Why shouldn't they love it? After all the story line didn't change at all from the original, and they don't know the original, so I guess it makes sense. But this movie smacks me as a totally safe 'money in the bank' bet. I guess it will pay off, but I don't think the force is with you over the long term JJ. (Actually there was one minor departure. Sanitation engineer? Seriously?

Mini Vans. I actually dig them. My wife got a new Honda odyssey. You know what the worst thing about this vehicle is? Spelling its name. Almost impossible. For me anyway. Let's stop knocking the mini-van already. These things rock. Very quick, loads of utility, comfortable, and dependable. I understand California surfers have discovered these in droves. Lee Iacocca (91 as of this writing) would be pleased. Rock on.